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1. Ideal Relationship to Make Money.

2. Competition Types and How to Beat Them!

3. Types of Banks to Avoid. Banks to LOVE.

4. Loans, Loans, Loans. The types and traps.

5. Process Spells Success.

6. So What's Your Value in All This?

7. Math is Beautiful and Easy!

8. Define and Discuss DSCR....

9. ...and it's cousin Debt Yield

10. Loan to Value Common Misperceptions

11. Pre-pay penalties 


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Who Would You Suggest Take the Course?

  • The course is for individuals who are thinking about a career in CRE Loan Origination or, a sales agent who wants to know more about the process so they are informed and feeling comfortable when in a transaction involving financing; or, the owner or manager of a brokerage office who wishes to add CRE Finance to his business; or, again, for agents who want to learn how to 'ask the next question' and determine if a client would like to know more about their cash-out options without having to sell the asset.

How Will It Do That?

  • It will accomplish this because it is practical advice you will not hear or learn in any other course. It covers aspects and gray areas of deal-making learned and taught to you by an experince pro.

Who teaches the program?

  • Silverthread Capital Corporation is owned and run by Adam Petriella, a 25+ year Investment Real Estate professional with one-of-a-kind experience in California and New York selling income properties, starting and running commercial real estate offices, arranging financing and running a platform in a large NYC Credit Fund where he participated in growing a multi-office franchise and debt placement for eventual securitization. He has hired and trained several of the most productive sales agents and finance Intermediaries in California and New York.

Is there a guarantee?

  • If you complete every lesson 100% and are unsatisfied for any reason, a 100% refund will be issued. No questions asked.

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The Idea and Opportunity

By now you have seen the site and the track record of the company. And, you may have also seen the LinkedIn profile of its owner, Mr. Adam Petriella. 

You have clicked through to this site to learn more about the importance of skills training. 

But first, you deserve to know a little more about Mr. Petriella and his point of view.

Petriella is convinced the commercial real estate finance business is filled with excellent loan originators aka Intermediaries and so-so Intermediaries too. What sets them apart is the commitment to knowledge. The so-so originators are frequently so-so because of no fault of their own. You see, not everyone receives the best in class training needed to excel. Many firms do it the 'old fashioned' way. Old fashioned works in some cases but is is hardly the best way. It's inconsistent, does not scale, takes too much time and ineffectively applied.  Many of the most knowledgeable and experinced Intermediaries are not incentivized to stop what they are doing to train someone well. For one thing they feel they are training their competition or, they are too busy making money that their opportunity cost is too high to stop dealmaking to train. How do you train yourself to earn fees?

Petriella has devised a way to use technology to teach and train motivated individuals and small groups seeking to transition into becoming a full time Intermediary or for professionals in affiliated businesses with the curiousity and desire to demystify the process.


Are You an Agency Owners or Brokers Looking to Add Financing to Your Agency Capability?

 If you are the owner or broker of a real estate office and you would like to add commercial real estate finance intelligence to your business we can provide the skills training for you. 

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